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Cartoon Animator 5.21.2202.1 Free Download For Windows

Cartoon Animator 5.02.1306.1 Free Download For Windows

Cartoon Animator 5.21.2202.1  is a software application that creates 2D characters from images stored on your computer. Generally, an easy-to-use program can produce amazing results in a wide variety of areas, including education, business, YouTube, and even animated comics (if you have the talent).

The face fit editor allows the user to select a face style, define face orientation using masks, and set custom options for mouth and eye settings. You can preview eyelid, eye and head movements, facial expressions, and mouth shapes. All settings can be easily canceled thanks to the built-in button.

There is a list of different presets from which you can choose character, head, and body templates for your projects. In addition, the created 2D actors can be animated by assigning various actions to the selected character, such as jumping, standing, clapping, sitting, standing, dancing, etc. Templates and actions are also customizable.

Cartoon Animator 4 Free Download

Players can be brought back to life by adding an image to the list in one of the following file formats: JPG, BMP, TGA, PNG, or GIF. You can use the crop button to define the body area, rotate and flip the image, zoom in or out, adjust the brightness, contrast, hue, and saturation level, use the Brush tool to remove the background and select a color mask. image.

To create front and side poses, you need to align six dots with your image and you can view the movements of your upper body, arms, and legs. Plus, you can import 3D animations for multi-dimensional characters, allowing your 2D characters to automatically transition and twist, spin, dance, and turn corners.

All in all, Cartoon Animator Free Download is a professional application that combines many features to help you create 2D characters.

Cartoon Animator 5.02.1306.1 Free Download For Windows

Key Features:

Production Environment:

  • Complete 2D animation environment
  • Drag-n-drop media editing
  • Real Z-depth layering & 3D camera view
  • Advanced timeline & keyframe animation

Smart Animation:

  • Real-time face & body puppeteering
  • Sprite swapping animation
  • Auto lip-sync from text & audio files
  • Key editing with IK & FK control

Actor Creation:

  • Face & body photo fitting
  • Virtual actor creation from photo
  • Unlimited dress styles from Character Composer
  • Custom 3D face profiles and facial features

Stage & SFX:

  • Prop & scene group management
  • Interactive props with animatable sprites
  • Prop composer with parent-child hierarchy
  • Atmospheric special effects, emotive and text balloons

Content Inventory:

  • Custom character content system
  • Custom motion puppeteering profiles
  • Online Backstage content inventory
  • Free image, video, and Flash media composition

Render & Output:

  • 3D Stereo rendering for any device
  • Web & Flash video outputs
  • Popular image and video export formats
  • Post-production with alpha channel

Cartoon Animator 4 System Requirements:

  1. 2.6 GHz or faster Intel Core i5 CPU
  2. 8 GB RAM or more is advised.
  3. Recommended hard disc space is 10 GB or more.
  4. Display Resolution: at least 1440 x 900

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